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Steve Simon for City Council

A Commonsense Voice for Waterloo
Fiscal Responsibility
I believe tax money should be spent wisely, and we should work from a balanced budget.

Support First Responders
I'm committed to our first responders and getting them the tools they need for the job.

No Divisive National Politics
I want to focus on things that unite families & citizens of our community. 

Common Sense Economic Growth
I support commonsense measures to attract new businesses. I'll work to flesh out details need for our 2030 vision
Fiscal Responsibility 
Every Waterloo resident should have confidence that their tax money is spent efficiently. At over $5 Million in the red, we need to stop giving so much money away without receiving much return. We need to scrutinize development deals closely; and, when we do spend money on developments, they should bring significant jobs to our city.
Money that is confined to our business districts (TIF) needs to be evaluated closely. When we have the opportunity, we should consider moving some money to the general fund so it can be used to our needs like police, fire, addressing housing issues, and property tax relief for working families. 
Supporting Law Enforcement and 1st Responders
Ask anyone where Waterloo needs to improve, and you will hear that we need to "Cut down on crime". We need to support our law enforcement's ability to do their job.  Additionally, we must support all of our first responders that are so very dedicated to public safety in our city. I'm committed to getting our first responders the tools they need for the job. 
We need more folks on the council who actively support our first responders and have their full trust. This is vital for moral and recruitment to these departments. 
Family First ALWAYS | No Divisive National Politics
Our city policy measures should support the family core and promote unity over division. The family unit is the basic building block of an economy and community. I am firm believer that parents know how to best address their children's needs and welfare. 
Common Sense Economic Growth
I believe that we need to continue investing in Waterloo to make it an attractive place for new businesses. This involves supporting quality of life and leisure services and projects like the sportsplex, gates park complex, and many others. 
Waterloo has an abundance of water, which is an attractive feature for industry. We need to have our infrastructure ready for these opportunities that can bring jobs to our area. 
We need to develop our 2030 vision plan into something the city can execute. As it stands now, our vision is merely a skeleton. Without a thorough plan, we cannot proactively seek, systematic growth for our city. 

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